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settecase coaching

"Susan helped me design a logo for my business. She is easy to work with and highly creative. I was able to show her what I wanted and she transformed it into a logo that fit my vision.”

lauren lynch

“I found Susan through Yelp and contacted her to help me design a logo for my budding clothing design business.

We set up a meeting for the following week, where we discussed not only the look I was going for, but also the target client, overall image of my business, and brands I would aspire to be like or compete with. I felt like Susan really worked to get inside my shoes and figure out exactly what I wanted, even though I could not describe it perfectly. We agreed that she would design the logo in two colors and that we would meet again in a week.

Susan emailed me the next morning with three fantastic options, saying that she had had a burst of inspiration the previous night. I was floored by how precisely the 3 logo options she designed matched what I had hoped for, and yet how different they were from one another. I felt like she had thoroughly considered what I asked for, and how different people might interpret that, and she came back with three completely different aesthetics that we could pursue, all very clean and modern, exactly as I had wanted.

We went through several rounds of perfecting the pattern on the holiday-themed logo until I was happy with the outcome. She provided the logo in every file format and size that I requested, in a remarkable one week start-to-finish time span. I especially appreciated her speed, because I needed the logo quickly so I could order labels, business cards, and brand my website.

I was overjoyed by Susan’s work and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”